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Newsletter (2) July 2017  Histamine, a key molecule on regulating gut immune function and fish disease protection
Newsletter July 2017 Genetic differences in resistance of common carp strains to Koi herpes virus disease
Newsletter June 2017 DNA vaccination of rainbow trout against Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia induces robust immunity
Newsletter June 2017 DNA vaccination against a fish rhabdovirus promotes an early chemokine-related recruitment of B cells to the muscle
Newsletter May 2017 A formalin-inactivated immunogen against viral encephalopathy and retinopathy (VER) disease in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): immunological and protection effects
Newsletter October 2016 Improving vaccination of rainbow trout against enteric redmouth disease (ERM)
Newsletter May 2016 Effects of adjuvant Montanide
Newsletter March 2016 Anti-inflammatory role of a natural messenger of the immune system
Newsletter February 2016 Reviewing the role of Toll-like recognition receptors in fish
Newsletter January 2016 Fish can express recognition receptors not present in human and mouse
Newsletter December 2015 Zebrafish are increasingly important model animals for aquaculture-related questions
Newsletter November 2015 T lymphocytes in the gills of sea bass 
Newsletter October 2015 Recruitment of leukocytes to the digestive tract of rainbow trout infected with, or orally vaccinated against, IPNV
Newsletter September 2015 Characterization of a g-type lysozyme from European sea bass
Newsletter August 2015 Booster immersion vaccination using diluted Yersinia ruckeri bacterin confers protection against ERM in rainbow trout 
Newsletter July 2015 Both liver and adipose tissue are neglected but important immune tissues of rainbow trout
Newsletter June 2015 Immune cells in the digestive tract of Rainbow trout contribute to mucosal immunity
Newsletter May 2015 Activators of gene transcription lead to reporter assays for monitoring fish disease status in Atlantic salmon
Newsletter April 2015 Antibodies of fish are not always similar to the antibodies we find in human
Newsletter July 2013 Introduction to TargetFish